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Many companies these days are multinational and have a worldwide presence, meaning that producing a global company overview can prove to be difficult. What you need is a video company that can manage your worldwide production.

Complete Production Management from London, UK.

There’s a lot that goes into producing an overview video for a global company, and here at Holler we can manage everything from pre production, visas, customs forms, budget management to fixing locations, flights, hotels and even work with local crews. We’ve got experience in running the full production from our London & Surrey offices, whether that means flying to multiple countries and filming ourselves, or working with crews in other countries, we can take the head ache away and make the process smooth and stress free.

Previously, clients have sent us as far as Canada, America, Singapore and Sweden. We’re used to adapting our crew and equipment to fit the different requirements of each production. Flying with kit can sometimes be problematic, especially when there is a lot of it. That’s why having the experience, and know how to make it work, is essential. It may mean that we need to take a lightweight kit, or hire some kit in while we’re abroad. Whatever challenges we cross, we’ll always overcome them and make the process painless.

Suttons Group – Singapore

Worldwide Video Production  Worldwide Video Production  Worldwide Video Production

Our most recent trip saw us fly half way around the world to Singapore to film for a bulk logistics firm, battling the heat, humidity and even the language barrier. On top of flying out and filming in Singapore, we also worked with productions companies in Saudi Arabia and China to capture all the necessary content for the client. This global company overview production needed to capture the essence of a worldwide company and showcase the scale of their own productivity. At the end of all the filming we produced 7 high quality, stylish promo videos to be showcased on their website and YouTube page.



OptaSense – Canada & America

Global video production  Global video production  Worldwide video production

OptaSense is a British company and they needed Holler to produce a corporate video to promote the worldwide scale of their business with an emphasis on the US and Canada. Holler shot this global corporate video on location in America, Canada and the UK. Aerial photography was used to get shots of refineries, pump jacks and pipe lines from the air as well as capturing a timelapse which was shot at various locations to illustrate the fast moving world today. Once the project was back in our purpose built edit suite, a professional voiceover was recorded and a bespoke graphic animation was created to give the whole video a high-end polished feel.



With the rise of video, showing off your companies global status is becoming easier. YouTube receives 1 billion unique visitors and 6 billion hours of videos watched every month, and mobile video views have grown 400% in the past 2 years, so straight away there’s a great platform to show off your company. But it’s understanding how to create the right content that’s important – and that’s where Holler can help you with your global company overview production. Why not contact us today and we can talk through your video, call us on 020 7112 8665.

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