How Much Does a Corporate Video Production Cost?

Lots of people ask us the simple question – how much is a professional corporate video production going to cost? From our point of view, it’s all about logistics. 

When it comes to making your corporate video, cost is likely to be a key issue. Before you can get your teeth into the production, you need to know that you can get your budget approved. So how can you make sure that you get the best possible quote from your video production company?

For us, we find that the more information you can give us up front, the easier it is to produce an accurate quote. So although you might be cautious of pinning down too many details, making some early decisions can ensure that you get the best initial cost.

We price our video productions according to the logistics of the production, so we take into account the following aspects of the production process:

Corporate Video Production LondonWhere you need to film your video will have an impact on the cost. We’re happy to travel anywhere in the world, but have to take the costs of flights and accommodation into consideration, and so this can impact the overall cost of your production. If we’re able to film in your London office or UK based facility for example, this would inevitably result less travel expenses.

How long it will take to film your video also comes into consideration. For most corporate video productions, we can complete shooting in a day, but much larger productions may require extra filming days. This also links into where we are filming your video, because if we need to shoot for consecutive days in a remote location, we may need to charge for crew accommodation.

When it comes to the size of  your crew, we look at each production individually. If your production is small and straightforward, we could just send one cameraman to your office. On the other end of the scale if your production is a little more complicated, involves actors, presenters, a large location or a studio shoot, we can bring more people on board to make sure that your shoot runs smoothly.

The amount of time editing takes is often dependent on the shoot. Generally, the longer your video, and the more footage we have, the longer the editing process. Most standard corporate video edits take between one and three days, but more complex projects may take longer.  Planning your edit early on can make the post production process run much more smoothly, ensuring you won’t run into any unexpected edit time.

The addition of any extras such as storyboarding, use of graphics, stock footage or royalty free music tracks can also affect your quote. Like much of the production process, deciding on which extras you need early on will make sure your video production company accounts for them, meaning a more accurate quote.

Generally your video production cost depends on the scale of your project, but if you’re going into the process with a good idea of what you’ll need and what you want to get out of the project, you’re likely to get the best quote for your video. For more help and advice on the production process, check out our 60 Second Tips on YouTube – corporate video tips from friendly Holler staff, presented in 60 seconds or less.

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