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Having recently completed work on a web commercial, we’ve been reflecting on the way in which the production process has changed when it comes to creating great looking corporate video that gives your brand a global image.

For video production companies in London and further afield, commercials used to be massive. Big crews, bigger budgets, and great results. However now that viewing habits are moving to audiences watching the majority of their video content online, it’s possible to get the same great results but for a lot less money.

Every company wants to use their corporate video production to showcase the very best of their work and what they can achieve, but what if your marketing budget doesn’t reflect your ambitions?┬áThere are a lot of things you and your production company can do to give you a global image on a tight budget.

With a little bit of stock footage, you can insert stunning images into your video that are much cheaper than creating them from scratch. For example, hiring a helicopter to capture a big aerial shot of a city skyline would be quiet expensive to create yourself, but a great HD stock image of the same skyline is much more budget friendly. You can combine this footage with fresh HD images of your workforce or facility to create a complete overview of your business.

A professionally scripted video can provide a powerful structure to build your video footage around, and therefore have a stronger impact on your audience. A well planned and well executed video is far more likely to grab the attention of your online video viewers, so it’s definitely worth handing some of the pre-production responsibility over to your video production company who will be able to come up with a strong and effective script.

The way in which your video is presented can have a huge effect on the way your corporate video is perceived, and so it can be a great advantage to invest in a professionally recorded voiceover. Professional voiceover artists can give a rich and polished quality to your final video, and you can choose from a wide variety of accents, languages and delivery styles, meaning you can choose the voice that best suits your brand.

We’ve got a lot more tips and tricks to help give your corporate video the edge it needs to appeal to new and existing customers. So whether you’re looking for video production in London or elsewhere, we can help give your brand a global image with a professional online video.

For more information, or to enquire about getting your own web commercial created, get in touch with the Holler video production team on 020 7112 8665 or email hello@justholler.uk. We’re based in London and Surrey but travel to wherever you need us.


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