Creating a Successful YouTube Business Video

YouTube-Business-VideoYouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine, but how can you make it work for your business and what kind of content do you need to be posting to get noticed?

Making a great YouTube business video is something than many companies aspire to achieve. The hit video sharing website has completely changed the amount of content we access, and it has also had a massive impact on the way we watch video.

When it comes to using YouTube for sharing corporate videos, many people assume they don’t need great quality. After all, those viral cat videos are pretty poor quality and they get hundreds of thousands of hits, right?

Unfortunately, corporate videos and business films don’t work in quite the same way as these kinds of videos. To grab your audience’s attention, you will need something that is not only high quality, but is also short, shareable and straight to the point.

Think of your YouTube channel as a shop window. You want all the best content up there to show your customers what you can do. So while you might think “it’s only YouTube” think of it as a commercial break. You’re essentially buying time on the biggest ad break in the world.

Statistics show that the ‘iPad Generation’ are watching more video than ever, but are quick to click elsewhere if the video they’re watching doesn’t grab their attention.

With new video sharing apps like Vine and Instagram becoming more widely used, viewers are getting used to content that gets to the point quickly. Although 10 minutes is a relatively short amount of time, when it comes to online business videos, it can start to feel like a lifetime because it’s simply too long for most people’s ‘YouTube attention spans’.

We’re watching more, but less of it. The trick is making it engaging, short and something people will share.

Social media also plays a big part in the success of online video. A lot of people are accessing videos on their mobiles via sites like Twitter and Facebook, and creating a video that your audience will want to share with their friends, family and colleagues is worth investing in because research has shown that mobile users will share things. In fact, 92% of mobile users will share a video if it’s short, to the point, engages and excites them.

It’s important to get away from boring business videos that give chapter and verse about what you do and think about the stuff that you would watch. It doesn’t have to be a powerpoint, and it doesn’t have to give your whole life story in one video.

If your message is 2 minutes into your corporate video, it’s likely that viewers will have moved on before they even know what the video is about.

The best thing you can do when making a YouTube business video is to just focus on one thing that makes your business great. Whether that’s your company ethos, a recent success or a new product, just choose one. This means you can get the direct information to the viewer, and they’re less likely to click elsewhere.

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