Corporate Video Production | Why Use A Drone?

Drones are well and truly established as part of the corporate video production process now, with everything from commercials to films to music videos using them to capture something that a camera op just can’t do from ground level. With their bird’s eye view of your business and local area, they really do add something special to a corporate video production and provide shots that were once limited to those with big budgets and access to helicopters.

Drones are in fact, helicopters, but on a much smaller scale than were previously used for filming. Drones are classified as ‘unmanned aircraft’ and are operated with a remote control and have a small camera attached to them recording footage that can later be inserted into film.

They make it possible to capture aerial scenes that are visually breathtaking and add excitement to your video. No longer are the shots from above limited to those who can afford a helicopter or other expensive filming solution. Drones can deliver a high angle that delivers grandeur and a sense of motion for all businesses from estate agents to garden nurseries to hotels.

With corporate videos now well established as a ‘must have’ business marketing tool, drones are being used to deliver aerial video footage to bring more professional and higher quality look shots to the recordings. Creating outstanding video productions with this extra edge, it’s possible to skyrocket social sharing and viewer interaction so that your business message reaches further afield.

In fact viewers are often so impressed by visuals that your Facebook page could be catapulted into viral mode by the professional quality of your video. You’ll stand out from competitors and feel proud to recommend to your clients that they watch your visually superior marketing video.

Your business may have more than one location and what better way to capture that and show it off. Drone footage will communicate the scale of your business and enable them to understand what services you offer and where you are based.

Drone footage can benefit a wide range of businesses including:

  • Venue owners
  • Golf courses
  • Hotels
  • Outdoor events
  • Car related businesses
  • And many more!

Let’s explore how this works in more detail:

Have a building to show off?

  • If your corporate video is more of an overview of the company, why not show off the space you all work in. A drone is a great way to capture those hard to reach places, and if you really want to push the boat out, and have the space to do so, why not use the drone inside? The drone can capture the building from all angles and also the grounds.

An outdoor event?

  • If you’re hosting an outdoor event, why not show off its size and scale with a drone? It’s the perfect way to finish of an amazing event wrap for your corporate video production. This material can then be used for future marketing purposes.

Driving? Sport? Movement?

  • If there’s going to be a large part of the movement in your production, or an object moving, a drone is a great way to capture a different perspective and capture the wow shots.

The above is only a small taste of what you could use the drone for. Be creative with it and see what you can achieve. Just remember, drones can’t fly everywhere, especially near flight paths and always be careful around public and especially anywhere near built-up areas.

If you’re looking to create an effective corporate video production, call us today.

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